Old: Issue is brand new hands out-of Ted Cassidy whoever number 1 character was given that Lurch

Old: Issue is brand new hands out-of Ted Cassidy whoever number 1 character was given that Lurch

One thing dated. Something new.

Old: Ted Cassidy who starred Lurch was 6’9″ significant. New: John DeSantis exactly who starred Lurch is actually 6’8″ significant. Other: Richard Kiel never ever starred Lurch. They are 7’2″ significant.

Old: They never ever performed reveal the way the Addamses got the chance. New: 1.63 – This new Story of A lot of time John Addams says to most of the.

Inside the “Halloween party Into the Addams Household members”, the latest unique invitees which starred the new crook was: Old: Wear Rickles The fresh: Jerry Van Dyke

Old and The fresh: The only one for the one another series was John Astin given that Gomez Addams (Old) and you may Grandpapa Addams (New).

John Astin, the first Gomez Addams, production because Grandpapa Addams and you can match their similar Glenn Taranto in The new Addams Family

Episode Investigations

All of the periods into the This new Addams Friends was in fact removed on totally new show and you can current having any where from slight alter in order to significant overhauls.

Old step one.01, Brand new 1.02 – Brand new Addams Family relations Would go to University Dated step 1.02, This new 1.03 – Morticia together with Doctor Dated step 1.03, This new step one.05 – Fester’s Punctured Love Dated 1.05, The fresh new step 1.07 – The brand new Addams Family relations Forest Dated 1.06, The fresh step one.04 – Morticia Touches the ladies Group Old step one.07, This new 1.13 – Halloween night Towards Addams Relatives Old step one.08, New 1.31 – Green-Eyed Gomez Dated step one.09, The newest 1.06 – The new Locals Meet with the Addams Members of the family Old step 1.ten, New 1.09 – Wednesday Will leave Home Dated step one.twelve, The brand new 1.08 – Morticia, brand new Matchmaker Dated 1.thirteen, The fresh step 1.ten – Lurch Learns so you can Dancing Old step 1.14, The brand new 1.11 – Artwork therefore the Addams Friends Old 1.18, New 1.32 – Buddy Fester’s Infection Old 1.20, Brand new 1.12 – Relative Itt Check outs the brand new Addams Nearest and dearest Old 1.twenty-two, The fresh 1.31 – Amnesia from inside the Addams Family Old step 1.23, The new step one.fourteen – Issue was Shed Old step 1.26, The step 1.25 – Morticia, the fresh Breadwinner Dated step 1.twenty-eight, The latest step 1.43 – My Child, the brand new Chimp Old step 1.30, The brand new step 1.22 – Morticia’s Favourite Foundation Old step 1.33, This new step 1.39 – Lurch, the latest Teen-Decades Idol Old step one.34, The brand new step 1.19 – The latest Effective out of Morticia Addams Dated 2.01, Brand new step one.20 – My Fair Cousin Itt Dated 2.02, The new 1.fifteen – Morticia’s Romance Part step one Dated 2.03, The new step one.16 – Morticia’s Love Part 2 Dated 2.06, The brand new 1.forty-two – Cousin Itt’s Condition Dated dos.09, The fresh new 1.thirty-five – Morticia, this new Sculptress Dated 2.10, The newest step one.18 – Gomez, new Reluctant Companion Old 2.a dozen, The new step one.30 – Gomez, the fresh Pet Burglar Dated 2.fourteen, The brand new 1.24 – Morticia’s Stress Dated dos.18, The new step 1.23 – Fester Continues a nutrients Old dos.23, The fresh new 1.33 – Morticia, new Decorator Dated dos.27, The newest 1.57 – Lurch’s Little Helper Dated 2.twenty eight, The new 1.61 – This new Addam’s Rules Old dos.30, The fresh step 1.47 – Lurch’s Grand Love

Old 1.21, The fresh new 1.42 – Addams Family unit members into the Legal Unlike Mama being detained for fortune telling, Fester was being charged of the natives having bombing their residence again.

Old step one.24, The new step one.27 – Drama about Addams Nearest and dearest Unlike Fester applying for a great business on the Insurance provider, Gomez decides to live reduced dangerously.

Dated 1.30, The fresh new 1.51 – Advances regarding Addams Relatives Instead of the Addamses finding out how exactly to disperse our house, it guard it.

Dated step one.29, The fresh step 1.17 – Buddy Fester’s Toupee In lieu of an old aggressive male friend, Fester must charm a female pal.

Old 2.fifteen, The brand new 1.28 – Xmas For the Addams Loved ones Rather than getting caught inside the newest chimney to try out Santa, Fester gets trapped in the shopping center.

Old step one.17 – Mother Lurch Visits brand new Addams Members of the family The brand new 1.fifty – Lurch, People from Recreation In place of his mommy, it’s good girlfriend that check outs.

Dated 1.27 – The brand new Addams Household members together with Spacemen The step one.38 – Romantic Encounters of your Addams Type Instead of becoming mistaken for aliens, the aliens really come.

Dated step 1.32 – Cousin Itt additionally the Professional Specialist The fresh step one.53 – Fester, the marriage Counsellor Unlike Gomez and you can Morticia seeking convince Cousin Itt as a wedding specialist, Fester actually will get you to.

Dated 2.08 – Morticia, the author The fresh new step 1.forty two – Morticia, the Playwright Unlike writing kids’ books, Morticia is actually writing a college enjoy.

Old dos.11 – Conflict regarding the Addams Family unit members The new step 1.58 – Addams Members of the family Feud Instead of effortless feud you to begins with an excellent personal visit for teas, Hillbilly cousins come and continue an extended-go out relatives conflict.

Old dos.16 – Bro Fester, Tycoon The fresh step one.59 – Fester, the fresh new Tycoon Rather than being required to feel believing that he must work to assistance a spouse, Fester gets a bona-fide Tycoon on account of their experience with blowing upwards property.

Old dos.17 – Morticia and you can Gomez against. Fester and you can Grandmama New 1.40 – Fester & Grandmother versus. Grandpapa Addams Rather than just Fester and you will Grandma spoiling the youngsters, Grandpapa comes and you will ruins all of them alot more.

Old dos.19 – The nice Benefits Take a look The brand new 1.63 – The brand new Facts from Long John Addams Rather than after the a keen ancestor’s appreciate chart, the family informs the story of the pirate ancestors.

Old dos.twenty-two – Happier Birthday celebration, Grandmother Frump New step 1.21 – Grandpapa Addams In lieu of Granny Frump, it’s Grandpapa Addams just who believes he’s getting provided for the latest old men house.

Old 2.24 – Ophelia visits Morticia The fresh step 1.41 – Fester Matches the worldwide Mercenaries In the place of Ophelia trying to get Fester to participate the Serenity Corp, Fester goes all-out and suits the global Mercenaries.

Old dos.25 – Addams Cum Laude The brand new 1.forty-five – Protecting Personal Addams The latest Addams choose the school in both reveals, in the second it is an armed forces college.

Dated 2.26 – Cat Addams The latest 1.55 – Cleopatra, Environmentally friendly of Nile In the place of Kitty Kat, the latest family’s dogs lion are ill, it is Cleopatra the Nothing Shop of Horrors plant.

Old 1.04 – Gomez, the new Politician Old dos.05 – Gomez, the newest Man’s Choices The fresh 1.37 – Gomez, the new Man’s Selection Here, both early periods had comparable themes, hence seem to have started combined towards you to definitely new event.

Dated 1.eleven – The fresh Addams Family Meet up with the V why are Pattaya women so beautiful.I.P.is the reason Russian dignitaries rating scared once they see the tech one this new Addam’s family relations have.

Dated step one.19 – The latest Addams Family relations Splurges A tool support the brand new Addamses profile the purchase price to consult with the fresh moon.

Old dos.07 – Halloween party – Addams Layout The household provides a seance to show new lives off witches so you’re able to Wednesday and you can Pugsley.

This new 1.01 – Deadbeat Family unit members This new step one.46 – Horseplay The new 1.56 – Granny, the new Pleased Medium The brand new 1.sixty – Lighting, Cam, Addams The brand new step 1.62 – Fester, Globe Leader Brand new step 1.64 – Maintaining this new Joneses The brand new 1.65 – Demise Visits the newest Addams Household members

Disclaimer – The brand new Addams Family relations is the possessions out-of Shavick. This article regarding the reveal try ours although inform you belongs in it. – my Confidentiality Find

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