There is certainly not place to sit down during the dining table either

There is certainly not place to sit down during the dining table either

In the event the table is applied there were a lot of do-it-yourself and you will almost every other dainties served by their mother there manage rarely be space up for grabs for them. As well as the four long lasting friends there were usually outsiders as well. After-dinner Chekhov familiar with be removed so you’re able to his room and lock themselves in to “see.” Between their once-restaurants nap and you may beverage-go out the guy published once more. Enough time anywhere between tea and dinner (within seven o’clock at night) try centered on guides and you can backyard performs. Within 10 o’clock they visited bed. Bulbs have been create and all sorts of is stillness inside your home; truly the only voice was a subtle vocal and you may boring recitation. It was Pavel Yegorovitch repeated the night services within his room: he was religious and appreciated to state their prayers aloud.

Easter was available in the snow

In the first-day one Chekhov moved to Melihovo the fresh unwell first started flocking in order to your from twenty miles as much as. It showed up on foot otherwise were introduced carts, and often he was fetched to help you people at a distance. Sometimes out of early in this new morning peasant women and you may college students was indeed updates before their door wishing. He’d big date, pay attention to all of them and you will voice them, and would never let one disappear instead of suggestions and you may medicine. Their costs on medicines is significant, when he had to keep a frequent store of those. Immediately after particular wayfarers brought Chekhov men they had picked up by roadside in the center of the evening, stabbed regarding the stomach having a beneficial pitchfork. This new peasant is transmitted on their studies and put down into the the middle of the ground, and Chekhov invested lengthy caring for your, exploring his injuries and you can bandaging them upwards. But what are hardest for Chekhov was visiting the ill during the their particular house: often there can be a pursuit of many hours, as well as in this way the time essential for writing are squandered.

The initial cold temperatures from the Melihovo was cold; they endured late and you will restaurants is actually short. There can be a church within Melihovo in which a service try held only when per year, at the Easter. Folk out-of Moscow was indeed sticking with Chekhov. The household got right up good choir certainly themselves and you can performed all of the the newest Easter matins and mass. Pavel Yegorovitch used as always.

It absolutely was out of the ordinary and you can holding, plus the peasants was pleased: they warmed the hearts to their the latest neighbours

Then thaw came. Brand new channels became terrible. There were just around three damaged-off horses to the house and not a wisp regarding hay. Brand new ponies needed to be given to the rye straw sliced upwards with an axe and you can sprinkled having flour. One of several horses are cruel and there are no getting it of your own grass. Another type of was stolen about fields and you will a-dead horse kept in its put. Thereby for a long time there was one poor spiritless monster to-drive that has been nicknamed Anna Petrovna. This Anna Petrovna contrived so you can trot towards the route, to take Chekhov so you can his people, to transport logs and also to eat simply straw sprinkled with flour. However, Chekhov with his household members don’t cure heart. Always caring, gay and you will plucky, the guy cheered others, works went ahead, and in less than three months everything in the area are changed: the house try furnished with crockery; there was the band out-of carpenters’ axes; six ponies have been purchased, and all of industry work with new springtime had been done inside blast along with accordance with the rules of farming research. They’d no feel at all, however, purchased people of instructions to your handling of the brand new land, and every matter, but not small, is argued in keeping.

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